Islamic Help Pakistan

A Company Setup Under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984

Islamic Help Pakistan is a national NGO incorporated as Charitable Limited Company by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under section 42 of companies Ordinance 1984.

Primarily we serve the victims of natural and manmade disaster across the country, however, we have been stretching our role gradually. Now we have regular programs on Social Protection, Education, as well as on soft component i.e. training the younger people for better future and spreading awareness on personal hygiene etc. We are also looking forward to take part in sustainable development.

During the reporting period, we have launched a good number of very productive projects with the support of institutional donor and other partners. You may please see the details in the report in your hands. We reached to victims of flash flood in District Jhang of Punjab and TDPs in Bannu of K.P. We continued our support to 700 families headed by widows as well as to Educational projects in K.P, Punjab and A.J & K. It is matter of immense pleasure that our students maintained their record of taking top positions in Mir Pur Board and A.J &K University.

Mainly we support the neediest and the most marginalized communities in WASH, Social protection ,livelihood Education and Advocacy Programs. We also joined hands with Christian minorities in raising voice for their rights. Approximately we reached to 50,000 people in need.

I am grateful to all our donors, partners, stakeholders and staff whose consistent support enabled us to reach to the maximum people in need and to execute a good number of potential projects to the best satisfaction of both beneficiaries and donors. Some projects were highly lauded by the media as it is evident from the media reports and clippings included in this report.

I am especially thankful to Concern World Wide for granting us projects for the benefit of TDPs and victims of flash flood in 2015.



CEO, Islamic Help Pakistan