Islamic Help Pakistan

A Company Setup Under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984


Need & Importance

Education is the surest way out of poverty and disadvantage and for that it is valued the world over. However, it remains inaccessible to many and simply beyond reach. Unfortunately, Pakistan is ranked 166 out of 173 countries on the UN education index and this tells the sorry saga of our education sector. Although literacy rate in Pakistan rose from 45 to 54 percent in between 2002-06 yet sustained efforts are needed to achieve 2015 Millennium Development Goal of full primary completion and gender parity enrolments.


IHP Education & Training Program

Islamic Help Pakistan has always given priority to education and training as we recognize the potential it has to develop and empower those that we work with to help them forge a route out of the debilitating poverty that they have to live with.In collaboration with Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Trust (HSBT) a UK based registered charity; IHP has established a vast network of educational Institutes in the deprived and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan with a vision of providing quality education with a focus on developing students rational and academic capabilities.


Project Objectives

  • Increase the enrolment and provide education to poor and needy children
  • Opening new school for vulnerable and needy children
  • Improved and accessible schooling facility for children in targeted areas/ schools.

Basic Components

  • Holy school system
  • Al Hira community college
  • Talent Scholarship program
  • Markaz e Tanzim ul Quran

Holy school System

In collaboration with Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Trust a UK based charity , IHP has established a vast network of educational institutes in the deprived and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan with a vision of providing quality education with a focus on developing student rational and academic capabilities. Keeping in view the importance of primary and secondary education, IHP in partnership with (HSBT) has established a chain of schools all across the country to provide basic primary and secondary education to the children. Till date seven schools have been established and approximately 1600 students are getting quality free education in the schools. IHP has so far established the following Primary schools in different districts of Pakistan.

  • Holy Ideal School System Rajana Toba Taik singh
  • Holy School System ,Panyala D.I.Khan
  • Holy School System ,Gajar Gola Station Hafiz abad
  • Holy School System ,Aoulakh Bhaikay,Gujranwala
  • Holy School System, Chak Chatha Hafizabad
  • Shah hamdan School, Nowshera Khushab



IHP in collaboration with (HSBT) has also developed a group of modern colleges namely AL-HIRA community colleges. Till date IHP has been funding nine colleges in the various districts of Pakistan. These colleges are formed with a vision of providing free education to the most deserving and vulnerable students of Pakistan. Free hostels and mess facility is also available to these students. Approximately 1500 students are getting free education, food and hostel facility in these colleges. Al-Hira community college has three branches in AJK, two branches in district Jhang and one branch in Sahiwal , Khushab, Toba Tek Singh and Quetta respectively.


Islamic Help is also sponsoring (HSBT) in serving the cause of Islamic education with missionary spirit to inculcate the humanitarian values. The basic purpose is to produce Muslim scholars who have full command on knowledge of holy Quran, Ahadith , Fiqha and basic principles of Islam. Formation of Markaz e Taleem ul Quran is also based on the ideology of producing such Muslim scholars with Islamic vision. IHP is sponsoring 15 Islamic educational institutes in the name of Markaz e Taleem Ul Quran where approximately 1100 students are getting free Islamic education. All these institutes have separate Dars e Nizami and Hafz e Quran departments. IHP in collaboration with (HSBT) has established 15 educational institutes in Pindi said pur, Jehlum, Jhang, Hafizabad, Rajajung, Khewara, Jehlum, Karachi, Sheikhupura, Mirpur (AJK), Quetta and D I Khan.


Islamic Help has also been operating talent scholarship program from several years which provides many underprivileged but talented students an opportunity to complete their education so that they can work honorably in their respective fields after the attainment of professional degrees. IHP has recently selected 10 brilliant students who are enrolled in one of the leading university of Islamabad. Out of these 10 students, 6 students are perusing their master degree whereas remaining 4 students are completing their M.Phil program. IHP is bearing the educational, boarding and lodging expenses of these 10 students..