Islamic Help Pakistan

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Food Security and Livelihood

Islamic Help Pakistan implemented a unique project Restoration of livelihood (through cash for work and cash grants) of the flood affected population 2014 in Jhang District with the funding support of USAID/OFDA administered by Concern Worldwide through RAPID funding mechanism. The project target areas included 15 flood affected villages of 5 Mauzas in the worst flood hit Union Council Pirkot Sidhana, Tehsil/District Jhang. The objective of the project was To assist the disaster-affected populations in meeting their immediate subsistence as well as livelihoods/economic recovery needs while supporting the key market systems.

The major project deliverables included;

  • Provision of temporary employment to 322 families through Cash For Work (CFW) activities including rehabilitation of 15 Field-to-Market Roads, dewatering of 10 flood affected water ponds and rehabilitation of 2000 feet damaged drain line.


A food basket worth PKR. 8,100/- each was provided to CFW beneficiaries against labor done in field to rehabilitate market roads and drain line. Total sum of PKR. 2, 608,200/- was disbursed among 322 CFW labors. For the rehabilitation of these community schemes, 27 toolkits were provided to the target communities which were handed over to them for utilizing in future activities of similar nature. These toolkits comprised of Wheel Barrows, Shovel/Spade, Pick Hoe, Pick Axe, Pans, Compactors and measuring tape.

  • Restoration of 150 flood affected Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through cash grants:

These cash grants were distributed among 72 male and 78 female entrepreneurs for the restoration of their livelihood. Cash grant, ranging between PKR. 13,000 to 25,000/- were provided to the selected vulnerable entrepreneurs. Brief overview of the restored businesses is given in the following table.


S. No. Type of Business Number of grants
1 Barber 6
2 Black Smith 7
3 Carpenter 3
4 Chabi Patti/ Knitting 44
5 Cobbler 2
6 Embroidery 3
7 Grocery Shop 43
8 Tailoring 35
9 Vegetable shop 7
Total Grants 150

Human Interest Story

Name: Haleema Bibi

Age: 30 years

Village: Swangani

UC: Pirkot

The floods of 2014 affected the entire population of Union Council Pirkot. Majority of the small enterprises were damaged and businesses were disturbed during the flood. The local community temporarily migrated to safer areas for their protection. The flood water remained for almost 2 months in UC Pirkot that badly affected the livelihood resources of the local community.

Haleema Bibi runs a home based grocery shop for the last 10 years. She is single and is the sole bread winner for her old parents and younger sister. She used to earn 5 to 6 thousands per month for her family before floods. She had lost her grocery enterprise during the flood 2014.

She was identified by the female VO as one of the vulnerable beneficiary for cash grant assistance. The Grocery items of worth PKR.24, 230/- were provided to her for restoration of her flood affected enterprise. I could hardly purchase any item and restore my shop with my saving that exacerbated our economic instability said Haleema Bibi. She was provided with the required grocery items for her shop by Islamic Help Pakistan team through ERMS project that restored her livelihood and she started to earn. I can earn and manage my household expenses after my grocery shop has been restored. I am planning to expand my business and buy a deep freezer to start of selling cold drinks etc. I am grateful to Islamic Help Pakistan and the donor (Concern RF and USAID/OFDA) for their financial support in my time of distress Haleema added.