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Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH)


WASH Project Bannu

Islamic Help Pakistan received another funding for a humanitarian intervention titled “Provision of WASH Services to the TDPs and host families in Bannu District, KPK.” through the funding support of USAID/OFDA managed by Concern Worldwide RAPID fund. It was a three months Short term complex emergency response project implemented in UC Havid Landidak of Tehsil/District Bannu from August 26 to December 05, 2015 with the funding volume of PKR. 16,521,480/-.

The major interventions under this WASH project included;

  • Installation/Rehabilitation of 40 Communal Hand Pumps
  • Construction of 150 Pour Flush Latrines (with bathing facility) including 15 PWD[1] Latrines with Ramps/Toilet Chairs
  • Conducting of 150 Hygiene Promotion Trainings including 100 Primary Sessions and 50 Follow-up Sessions equally for both male and female target groups
  • Distribution of 450 Family Hygiene Kits
  • Dissemination of IEC materials among the target community

Project Total Beneficiaries:

During this project a total of 10,952 individuals were reached and benefited that comprised of 5433 male and 5519 female beneficiaries from both TDPs and host communities. Almost 4,112 people (2,068 men and 2,044 women) were educated through hygiene promotion trainings and were also provided with family hygiene kits for practicing standard hygiene approaches.

Each family hygiene kit contained the following items;


S. No. Item Units
1 Water Cooler 1
2 Sanitary Cloth 1
3 Laundry Soap  12
4 Bath Soap 12
5 Combs (2 normal & one lice comb) 3
6 Dish washing soap 2
7 Nail cutter 1
8 Jerry Can 2
9 Maswak 6
10 Lota 2
11 Bag 1
Total 43

Human Interest Story

Gul Sameena and her family were displaced since June 2014 from North Waziristan agency. Since displacement her family was residing at Havid landidak Union council, Tehsil/District Bannu. Besides other problems, her family was also facing the problem of unavailability of clean drinking water and sanitation as the poor sanitation and lack of drinkable water has made her family life more miserable. Gul Sameena and her family members (Husband, 5 children, and mother in law, sisters in law and brothers in law) were also facing the problem of unavailability of latrine. Our male used to go to open fields for defecation, we have never been used to such practices in our area of origin but are compelled due to the current circumstance she stated.

She further added that, Every morning we (female) woke up before dawn at 5:00 o clock and headed towards the nearby fields for defecation and some time we had to wait till night, when there is no one so that we could go out in the field to address the nature call as we had no alternative option at that time. Open defecation for children is also much alarming as one of Gul Sameena’s family child fell down in the canal water while defecating beside it. Due to open defecation practices, the excreta were dispersed on the streets and children have been observed playing around that.

The female members of our family were much vulnerable to these practices of open defecation, as its totally against our culture to go out of house for defecation and we were fed up with this mechanism for defecation since displacement stated by Gul Sameena.

After construction of PF-latrine in Gul sameena’s house, she and her family started using latrine instead of going out to field for defecation. Gul Sameena also started making personal hygiene a priority for herself and her family after participating in IHP’s hygiene sessions. Gul Sameena shared that

I have improved hygiene practices through this program and our entire family members are now using the newly constructed household PF-latrine for defecation at ease. We are very much grateful to Islamic Help and its donors (Concern-RF) for their support in providing protection to females through constructing latrines.

Responding to the sanitation needs of the TDPs at union council havid landidak, IH turned out as a blessing for the depressed community in the target area. During the WASH project, families like that of Gul Sameena and many more were identified by IHP field team and were provided with material for latrine construction. Resultantly, IH constructed 150 PF- latrines at union council Havid landidak. IHP team constituted committees in Havid landidak to approach to the vulnerable families like that of Gul Sameena.

WASH Project Jhang

Islamic Help Pakistan implemented another WASH project in 2015, in collaboration with Islamic Help-UK, for the flood affected communities of Jhang district under the title “Provision of clean & safe drinking water for the 2014 flood affected families of district Jhang”.  Through this intervention, IH Pakistan carried out the following major activities to ensure the supply of clean & safe drinking water in the worst flood hit UC Pirkot Sidhana of Tehsil Jhang.

The major interventions under this WASH project included

  • Collection of water samples and its subsequent testing/analysis through District Water Testing Laboratory, Jhang.
  • Installation of 200 Hand pumps for continued water supply
  • Conducting 10 hygiene promotion sessions in 10 selected government primary schools
  • Distribution of 200 hygiene kits among the school children for encouraging them to practice standard hygiene
  • Dissemination of IEC materials among the target community and school children

Project Total Beneficiaries:

During this project, IHP ensured access of 1675 individuals (200 families) to safe & clean drinking water and also promoted hygiene awareness among 1035 students (623 boys and 412 girls). 200 hygiene kits were also distributed among 117 boys and 83 girl students in UC Pirkot.